Flood of Christmas Spirit

Well, it’s definitely been a strange preparation for the christmas season.  Very different.  I haven’t had the normal advent time every night with the family, I haven’t really even been aware of the days going by.  I think not setting up decorations or having christmas cookies makes the swift approach of Christmas a little surreal.  I just got over the worst part of the monster cold I avoided the past two years, as well as breaking my fever this morning, So I feel the best I have all weekend.

Because of the rest I had to take though,  I’m very far behind in Christmas cards, gifts, work and my least favorite of all tasks, immigration papers> something that needs to get done before I leave for Digos City.

One of the cool things about Christmas in the Philippines is they have special caroling/prayer services starting 9 days before Christmas. Luckily for me, I live right across from a catholic mega church.  They start their special services early in the morning..around 4am.  I almost feel bad for rolling over and plugging my ears every morning to drown out the sound of the amplified worship leader.  Almost.

One of the things I really miss are christmas cookies.  So if you have any extra or want to help a brother out, please send me some.  I will appreciate them, even if it takes them 3 weeks to get here.

In the news, there’s been some bad flooding on the norther part of the island.  Please keep the families and those affected in your prayers.


One thought on “Flood of Christmas Spirit

  1. Cindy Mullet

    Adam: with the news of all the flooding in your country we have asked God to protect you and especially to keep you healthy. The sounds of your blog seem that you are in a very unstable situation. The weather here has been more rain, we have already set records for rain this summer. Christmas doesn’t appear to be white this year as temp hover in the 40’s. We will see what we can do about the cookie situation. Do you have a favorite? Andy, when in the Navy always said, like you, even if they take many weeks to arrive they would still be welcome. Adam, God Bless your work and keep you safe. Love, from Church of the Cross and myself.

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