A new year, a new day. A new dawn

One week of being back in the office after a relaxing Christmas vacation leaves me very thankful for the rest I was able to shore up on. Life in the office is rarely dull. Currently we have three other interns that spice up life a little, adding variety and their voices to the office byplay of jokes and cultural conversations about life, music, and the lives of other office mates.

Each staff meeting is exhilarating. I never imagined that I would be saying that about office life but discussing in detail plans and actions that you Know are happening and will aid people in need, well that is something very powerful. It is empowering to be around people whose passion and energy for helping people less fortunate than themselves are very deep. The commitment of each of the staff and the volunteers makes me very proud to be able to learn from them during my short stay here.

Last week the whole office went up to Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao Region to provide medical and psychoanalytical relief for the victims of the floods and landslides last December. Currently, I’m sitting in a video documentation crew meeting as we discuss the time table for the production of videos from the footage taken during that relief operation.

I can’t think of any place, any other work I’d rather be doing right now, than where I currently am. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I have, for the coming year to keep working here.


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