Philippine-US Balikatan, April 16-27

The United States Armed Forces will be holding exercises in conjunction with its counterparts, the Armed Forces of the Phillipines (AFP.)  These exercise will be tri-part.  Firstly, a humanitarian and disaster response training to be conducted in Luzon.  Second,  field training exercises (FTX) described as high cost, high overhead trainings for a whole  US battalion and its auxiliaries and support units as well as its AFP counterparts and and lastly, special operations forces exercises in Zamboanga, Jolo and Basilan.

The United States government has the

  • Aim of claiming dominance in the crucial trade route and containing China’s growing economic and military strength.
  • Aquino government  allowing itself to be used as a pawn in the US geo-political strategy of imposing military, political and economic dominance in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • US is pushing for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to pressure China to privatize its state owned industries.

Suspected side goals:  Plunder of Mineral resources of Mindanao (which makes sense cause no one spends time/resources fighting about land that no one cares about and isn’t valuable)

These exercises are not without civilian casualties.  Reparations for victims cost 750,000 a “mishap” for silence and forfeiting the liability of the US government.  Thanks USA. I’m so glad my taxes are being put to good use. Say, for example we hurt 10 people (which is a ridiculously low number) that’s $7.5 million decent, hard working american loyal tax payer’s money gone, when we could just not hold exercises that will probably provoke China anyway.


Just so we’re all on board.



In case you want to read about it on the website, here it is:


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