Have you ever…

climbed into a taxi cab, ridden for about 20 ft before the traffic cop inexplicably pulls your driver over for apparently no reason?  What do you do in that situation?  Do you get out and walk away?  Do you stick with it?  Do you laugh-out-loud once the driver leaves the vehicle to confer with the cop?

I’ll tell you what I did.  I convinced my companions to stay in the vehicle because not only did  I feel bad for the driver, and we still needed to get to Bible study.  The irony is we only flagged down the taxi because we were running late and knew it would be faster than taking the Jeepney.  While sitting in the car, I texted my pastor to let him know we were on our way.  About 5 minutes later, still sitting in the taxi, he responded that the bible study was actually in our neighborhood.  We then exited the taxi, I paid the driver the amount shown on the meter (figuring he had a pretty bad day as it was) and assured him not to worry, we were just leaving because we no longer required his services.

I still have no idea why our driver was pulled over in the first place, but it gave us just enough time to find out that instead of going across town and showing up in the wrong place, all we had to do was turn around and walk for about 15 minutes.

Someone up high must be looking out for us, even on the days we feel like we don’t need much looking out for.


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