Send us Fools, LORD

O God, send us fools,

            those who commit themselves totally,

those who forget themselves,

those who love in more than words,

those who truly give their lives until the end.


Give us fools, humble and fiery,

persons capable of making the leap to insecurity,

            to the surprises and uncertainties of poverty


Give us fools,

who accept to be diluted among the masses,

without pretensions of erecting their own pedestals,

without using their superiority for their own advantage.


give us fools, fools of the present day

in love with a simple life,

efficient liberators of the poor,

lovers of peace,

            pure in heart,

resolved never to betray,

ready to accept any task

to help anywhere, free and obedient,

spontaneous and tenacious,

sweet and strong.


Give us fools, LORD, give us Fools!


(prayer of a Christian community)            



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