Happy Father’s Day


I am definitely not the first person to say it, or write it, or blog it. Don’t let my unoriginality fool you into doubt of my sincerity.  I wish my dad the best, today and tomorrow.  Near or far he has always been around and accessible.  Never too far to call, or to see something that reminds me of him, of things he said or taught me during my childhood, and things he still says even though I am grown and away from home.

So here’s to you dad.  I raise my mug of Starbucks, which I know you don’t appreciate, but that’s okay.  Even though you aren’t a perfect dad, you’re the kind of dad I would like to be and to have the kind of presence in my childrens’ lives as you have had in my life, when my time finally (hopefully? awesomely? scarily?) rolls around.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.


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