Things on my desk.

I decided to do a short post, maybe a quirky one.

I’m sure that somewhere, some place, sometime, a great historical and book learned figure said that you can tell a man’s passion and work by what he keeps on his desk.  So I decided to write a post of things I have on my desk.

I have:

-my macbook, my speakers, my external hard-drive, my mouse, my camera, my desk lamp, my sunscreen, two water glasses, my coffee mug from this morning, pens, nail clippers, a plug adapter, my cell phone & charger, laundry soap bars, toilet paper, lighters, guitar picks, Gilbey’s bottle cap, a copy of the prophetic imagination, rubbing alcohol, scissors, my wallet, headphones, bandaids.  A shopping list, a capo, a bottle opener, cologne..sunglasses, and my can of change.

and all of the things

All in all quite a bit.

And myself.  🙂


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