Wormholes, Black Holes and other means of slipstream and space time distortion

Which is obviously not the reason I haven’t posted anything new on my blog in a month! Oh my. I thought it was only 2 weeks. Time flies when you’re in stasis (or having fun) So why all the references to the Alpha quadrant in the title? Well I just re-watched STAR TREK (not your grandfather’s star trek) and can’t wait until the new one comes out//which it will shortly after they start filming it I hope. I even went on a download spree, but forgot to take of the external dampening shield …i.e. i didn’t actually download anything, i just scanned and found out that the entire 7th season of Star Trek Voyager, my favorite star trek, is only about 27 gigs. So I am now trying to decide what to do.

Starship Voyager

Voyager is the name of a Federation starship in the Star Trek universe, It is about a ship that goes through a wormhole and finds itself stranded very far from Earth, with no way back. It is the story of a group of 500 or so people who are just trying to make it back home but stop to learn and meet the people of the galaxies that they pass on their way home, sometimes getting sidetracked or drawn into conflicts.

It’s a really great show.. i had some way of tying it in to my work in the philippines right now but It doesn’t really seem worth typing it out. I’ll just make a holodeck and you can live it…in about 80 years after the holo deck gets invented. I’m convinced that’s what’s next after 3d movies. Besides, much like the Gospel, as Jesus says in Mark, Star Trek and Trekkers speak their own language, and those who it is meant for, will understand.

I feel like I’ve been in stasis for the past month since my last post. We had the SOS Schools under Attack conference, which was a successful start to what we hope will become a unified campaign to stop attacks on community schools. There was the update on the Fr. Fausto Tentorio murder investigation, (an italian misisonary who was killed here back in October more info visit http://justiceforfatherpops.com)  I also posted about his murder back in October.

Let’s see then there were a couple of 1 day affairs, the President’s State of the Nation address (SONA), which I really didn’t listen to rather, i was downtown on the square listening to the protests and speeches of the people that P-Noy forgot to mention in his SOAN (state of our Awesome Nation) address. Okay he didn’t say that..but he may as well have.  It was my first time participating in picket rallies and a march during a SONA like event.  Luckily the weather cooperated and threatened rain (yes!!) most of the afternoon so the sun didn’t have much of an opportunity to come out and burn those foreigners working&seeking justice and peace in the Philippines.

I have been kept busy with InPeace things in addition to the Interfaith Fil-Am Solidarity mission from LA coming here the 3rd week of August.  It just makes me tired.  Which is very hard and poses a match up that really belongs in the olympics.  Facebook Vs. Sleep.

After the mission trip I have a week of normal work and then I am off to the Ukraine to visit some other Mission Interns in L’viv for 2 weeks for my much deserved vacation.  at least I think it’s much deserved.  Others are more than welcome to comment..after I’m on the airplane.  Anyway, Filipino immigration law states that any person can extend a tourist visa up to 1 year after the entry date, than they must leave the country and re-enter before being able to apply for any more tourist extensions.

Being smart (or having little time to get together the mountains of information and hoops to jump through for a long term visa short of marrying a pinay) i opted for the tourist extension.  It has the plus side of coming with an automatic vacation provision ( having to leave the country)  I know strange isn’t it, my tourist visa expiry means I can finally take a vacation.

I am happy about that.


and here’s a wormhole



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