48 Hours

2 days.  48 hours.  And use your calculator for how many minutes that is.  That’s how long we have left until the official beginning of the Fil-Am Interfaith Solidarity Mission 2012.  As I write this, I’m sitting in the only rehearsal we’ve had as an entire group, a rehearsal that serves as both a blocking rehearsal and run through rehearsal.  Being here feels both awesome that Clifford and I are able to be a part of the tribute night, yet sad that this is our first and only rehearsal together, as each of the groups must go on to live their own lives in their own worlds, in the greater part of Davao City.


Clifford came up to me a short time ago and we shared about how we felt a little lonely that the space of 4 hours from 8-12 isn’t enough time for the groups to be used to our ‘whiteness.’ No matter how friendly we are and approachable some things take time, time that we do not have.

16 Hours.  The length of time it takes to fly from L.A. to Manila.  The group from L.A is on their way hear as I write this, they’ll be landing in in about 4 hours.

12 Hours.  How much time we have left before we’ll all be sitting around lunch, either exhausted from travel, or exhausted from the stress and effort needed to put together a first rate and exposed medical mission.

4 Hours.  The amount of sleep I got last night.

2 hours.  The amount of sleep I’ll probably get tonight.




3 thoughts on “48 Hours

  1. elpmid

    wow. ya.sometimes i think time is my greatest foe. good luck guys! i have no doubt that your friendliness will help u guys get through your mission =)

  2. Hope those 48 hours were as relatively as stress-free as possible, Adam. I know you and Clifford will rock it out. And just think, when it’s all over you can come here and enjoy vacation and hanging out and coffee and ice cream and all sorts of other relaxing things in L’viv!

  3. Jape

    Adam! I truly appreciate all the hardwork you, Cliff (Dante!), and the team put in in preparation for us US missioners! Libolong (spelling?) in particular was awesome and well put together. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog entries!

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