New Beginning, Old Friends

Well I’m finally here.

A little over a month since I left the Philippines, flew halfway around the world and reentered into the heart of the Big Apple.  Four weeks since I reconnected with my fellow MIs and shared stories of our struggles, joys, failures and successes. Three weeks since I arrived at my parents’ home in Northern Ohio and was greeted by the cold weather and the warm home cooking, two weeks since I traveled around to supporting and other churches, sharing some of my reflections and experiences in the past 18 months, and just one day after my long awaited arrival in Los Angeles.

I was greeted at the airport by some old friends, who promptly took me to drinks and dinner.  When I say promptly, I mean, the decision was prompt, the travel was not.  Partly due to traffic, mostly just because I wanted to get a look at my new city, and definitely because the Buktaw’s were eager to share their home.  We ate dinner with other friends at a (surprise) mexican restaurant, which was delicious, notwithstanding the $2 margarita special, which was in of itself, enough reason for merriment.

As our drinks and food wound down, conversation turned more serious about issues around community organizing and mobilizing people around certain issues…and I found my spirit at peace.  While I was home, my body rested (sort of) but I missed the spiritual peace/excitement jolt, that I got from my work in the Philippines, and last night, among friends, satisfied with way to much food in my stomach and a little too much exhaustion from the day of traveling, I felt again the glow of the Holy Spirit.

I can say with certainty, that I am excited about my work here, and Mom was right to be afraid:  with people like the ones here, I may just be started on the path to ‘losing myself to the Californians’ as my work, the community of friends and faith help me to find peace, joy and excitement in the love of Christ.





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