Here we Go Again

Well. I will be the first one to say that when the going gets tough, my blog gets nothing.  After a frantic 2.5 months of preparation for many activities culminating in our attendance at the Human Rights conference in Manila next month, I can finally say that I’m on my way.  Tomorrow night, I’ll be returning to the Philippines.  It will only be for a month, but in this upcoming month I’m looking forward to renewing relationships, seeing old friends, marveling at how fast babies have grown up, sweating in the heat, riding a habal habal, not stressing for a while and experience Mindanao for the first time through the wonder and excitement of our first time missioners.

I feel like an old soul having written that last phrase.  A wise old soul with some new toys to make my trip easier.  I went to REI and finally bought a hammock, something I’ve wanted for awhile. I also picked up a water purification system, very portable, which gives my mind a great deal of ease as it filters out bacteria and virus’ (HAHA Amoeba! no joy for you!)  I also got a portable solar panel charger.  I’m usually don’t plan on bringing too many electronic devices, however, remembering past missions, I think it will be a good investment for the present and the future.  Plus it’s green energy.  What’s not to love?

This past weekend I was at the Cal-Pac Annual Conference.  It was in fact, my first annual conference ever.  Joy Prim, my dear colleague in mission wrote her a reflection of her experiences here ( I don’t really have many reflections about AC, rather, I was asked to do some  public reflecting in a morning Plenary session.  There is a video archive of this.  I’ll post a separate blog about what I said and link the video in there.


Right now, I’m just doing my laundry, trying to remember to do the things I need to before I leave, and pick out which bag I should take with me.  I’ll be adding more content to my blog once I arrive in the Philippines, about my vacation and my work, so I’ll keep you posted 🙂




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