About that time

It took me feeling utterly miserable on a sick day to get around to blogging again.  Or conversely, it took a really awesome reunion to inspire me to write while feeling under the weather.

13 months ago I left Mindanao to return to the US, and while leaving behind many close Filipino friends, I also left behind a close missionary friend Laura Wise.  Yesterday, thanks to efforts by Pasadena First UMC, I was reunited with Laura and it was like my family was here to visit.  We had been through a lot together in the 5 months since she had arrived at InPeace, and has been through a whole lot more in the 13 months since.

You know that feeling of being totally at ease with someone because they’ve been there too, struggled through similar experiences and still managed to adapt?  Well, it’s a feeling of trust and contentment, and that’s what I had last night.

Our friends at Pasadena FUMC organized a young adult missionary panel.  Joy, Clifford, Laura and I briefly shared who we are and a little about are mission experience to the youth of Pasadena, a couple Fuller students and some young adults considering mission service.  Judy Chung, Global Ministries’ associate general secretary for missionary services (in layman’s terms, my Boss’ boss) gave a presentation about how  young people could get involved in [Gen]eration Transformation, the UMC’s push for young adult engagement in the world.


For me it was a great night.  I got to see old friends, help young people take the first steps in discerning their call to mission-and in listening to the opportunities today for young adults in the UMC, was able to reflect on my journey here.  I don’t know if I have my original application handy, but I definitely want to read what I said 3 years ago.  This program transformed me and broadened my horizons…not that my horizons were particularly narrow or anything.  It’s incredible how many things have happened and people i’ve met since I joined the program, and I can say with great certainty, this program was way better for me than doing my masters right out of college.


One thought on “About that time

  1. Carolyn Sperl

    Hi Adam, I had not read any updates to your blog that I rarely check it now. Glad I did today because your latest comments are interesting. Good to keep writing.

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