Song of my Soul

It has been awhile.

Every blog I post lately begins with that line. Too long, too many months. Everlong as the Foo Fighters would say.

Why now and why today?tuesday morning

This month of May has been joyful, full of life and soul and song.  It has been tiring with little rest.  Yet none of that is enough to get me to blog. Rather, it was this morning.

It was this morning as I awakened, starting the morning with prayer (unusual) and feeling a sense of solidity and presence that I hadn’t felt in awhile.

It was continuing on from prayer to coffee, and then from coffee to sitting by my window practicing some chords and making music on my ‘ukulele. It was listening. Listening to Your Voice.

When I logged into Facebook at work today, under ‘work’ conditions I saw a post from a friend, sharing the tale of Palestinian suffering as contextualized and grounded through the work, life, letters and death of Rachel Corrie, human rights peace advocate Palestine, 2003.

This happened before I knew, before my baptism in the world today, It happened this year again, two days after Pentecost.

The Holy Spirit coming down, raining on our heads the heavenly light while bulldozers come destroying lives at night.

I don’t have the answer. Sometimes I don’t have a clue.  I do have a vision of a new world order. I have a dream of the Lord’s kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

This Vision pulls me onward…even when I am tired – crushed by the weight of hate and fear, despair, oppression and injustice.

A dream of a genuine world sustained by conversations with my sisters and brothers here, who dare to dream to live to love to serve to act to stand to speak to fight to shout to witness to create to space to yearn to move to live to dance to jump to give to receive to save to patience to kind to faith to compassion to disciple to do to be to transform….

Mission Interns and US-2s gathering late May as they finish their 2 or 3 year mission service.
Mission Interns and US-2s gathering late May as they finish their 2 or 3 year mission service.

to make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Lord Mother, Lord Father, Lord God. God of the gendered, God of no gender, God of all races and God of no race.

Please…transform me more.

Transform us –here and now– on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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