It hard to start afresh, when the old is still around.  People say it’s easy sometimes, just throw away the old and begin again…but the history is still hanging around.  The history of my blog is wrought with emotions, the story of a old boy experiencing things I never knew still existed – stories of trying to grow, to process to learn and to respond.

Respond.  The United Methodist Women’s magazine is entitled Response.  I wish I could write a book or better yet a graphic novel on what my response to the world that live in should be..

An old friend visited the office last week, someone I wasn’t really expecting to see.  He poked his head over the wall of my cubicle and said:  “You are turning into quite the diplomat.  I am dissapointed in you. I had high hopes.”

That is something I have been thinking about since then, on the long plane ride from New York City to Amsterdam and on to Tallinn and back.

Have I become complacent?

In the news these days, in my facebook feed whenever I sign on are more an more of my friends posting pictures of people with hashtags #StopLumadKillings reminding me of a quote I read from a book on the plane.  “We humans are predators and our favorite prey is each other.”

Have I become complacent? Is my work not important? Am I not inspiring change and transformation or am I just recruiting, reqpeatin the same stories until people join the program. Where has my convicion gone?  Am I just fooling myself into thinking my fire burns brightly…

Response. Respond.  I am called. You are called. We are all called by God, called by the Grandmother who created and formed us from nothing, no matter if we are clergy or lay, ordained with ‘holy hands’ or blessed with simple ones.  We are called into prophetic witness…so how are we holding each other accountable to that witness?

If you are sharing truth, what truth is it if it lacks conviction? Speak truth emphatically live hope.

The stories we have. The stories I tell aren’t stories of complacency. They are stories of God at work in the world through us, daring us to live into a truth that God created, one that exists outside our greed.

So I implore you to greet the goodness of God in everyone you meet, in every place you go this day.

And remember. We are not called into lukewarm Christianity.



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