Back in the Pilipinas

If you say it just right it almost sounds like a Beatles’ song.

Four flights or 5,698 miles later I arrived in Davao City after a grand total of just under 36hrs of transit time.  That’s 158 miles per hour which is pretty good considering had some nice 4 hr layovers on two occasions.

The past weekend was a lull in scheduled activities for InPeace, so I’ve had time to begin re-adjusting.

It has been as challenging as I recall.  Bugs everywhere – the office is old so there are tiny ants that invade all the spaces.  The heat – and it’s not even summer yet.  I have drunk so many liters of water! Thank goodness the tap water is potable here.

I had to go visit the doctor the other day – flying with a cold and having the different air pressures wreak havoc on my Eustachian tubes didn’t make my ears happy campers.  I am taking a huge antibiotic pill twice a day!  Luckily as my doctor happily pointed out to me:  I’m in Asia now and I could see a specialist right away.

And it was way cheaper.

Another adjustment for me has been the commitment to speaking no English.  Bisaya is my primary mode of communication.  Sure, I throw in connector words, but for the most part my english is reserved for my thoughts only.

I went to church on Sunday and immediately was greeted wth a hug by an old bible study mate and was promptly invited to rejoin the choir.  It’s true in the Philippines there is no meeting without eating!  I was very happy to reconnect with long lost friends.

I am still looking for a place to call my own.  It has been challenging as I don’t know exactly where to look – and not everyone posts classifieds online.  On Thursday, some folks from the office are going to drive around with me and see what we can find.  Until then I will continue to sit tight and see what I can see online, whilst recovering from my ear infection and drinking lots of Bisaya and learning many ways of water.

I mean, drinking lots of water and learning more Bisaya.


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